Goat breeds: Capra de L'Aquila

Goat breeds: Capra de L'Aquila

Origin and diffusion

Italian breed bred in the province of LAquila. It has heterogeneous features and has been influenced by the Toggenburg, Alpina, Maltese and Girgentana breeds. Typically bred in mountain areas.
The breed registry was activated in 2002. Dual-purpose breed. The meat production is obtained with kids of 8-9 kg.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: average.
Head: fine, slightly concave front-nasal profile; with or without horns.
Pile: whole, of various colors (white, hazelnut, brown, black); generally satin hair.

Height average at the withers:males to. cm. 75-80 -Females to. cm. 65-70
Weight average:males to. Kg. 70 -Females to. Kg. 55-60
Productions medium milk: multiparous lt. 230-300

Provincial Breeders Association
Via Piave, 1 - 67100 LAquila
Tel. 0862 21125 - Fax 0862 410868

Capra de LAquila (photo from the National Shepherding Association archive)

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