Notes on viticulture and oenology

Notes on viticulture and oenology

Viticulture deals with all the techniques that concern the cultivation of vines (table and wine) and can be considered as a branch of Arboriculture.
Lenology (the name derives from the Greek oinos - wine, and logos - study) is the discipline that studies the process of transforming grapes into wine (from a microbiological and chemical point of view) and the techniques related to it (e.g. filtering, pressing, pumping over, aging).
This section was created with the collaboration of Dr. Enrico Ruzzene, a graduate in Agricultural Science and Technology from the Faculty of Agriculture in Udine and Marco Visentin, student of Oenology and Viticulture at the Faculty of Agriculture in Udine.
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Viticulture and Oenology

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Information to mariners

Viticulture is fundamental in the production of wine; until a few years ago it was believed that in order to obtain a good wine, the work in the cellar had to be better cared for; a few years ago it has been found that in order to obtain a high quality product it is also necessary to devote attention to agronomic practices.
The characteristics of a wine are essentially determined by two factors: the grape variety or vines used to produce it, and the terroir, a French word that does not have a corresponding term in Italian, and which indicates the set of geological, physical and climatic characteristics of the territory in which the vine grows. Each grape variety has aromatic characteristics that significantly influence the resulting wine.

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