Turkeys: Nero d'Italia

Turkeys: Nero d'Italia

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

It is a turkey whose selection was handled by a group of Lombard breeders who, by operating a sort of counter-selection aimed at reducing the size of the animals, managed to obtain small-sized animals. Although recently selected, Nero dItalia refers to a population of black turkeys widespread in northern Italy and prior to the introduction of the American Bronzed turkey, as confirmed by bibliographic sources (Cortese M., 1978; A.A.V.V., 1996). Wanting to hypothesize the origin of this population, it seems plausible to think that the black turkeys present in Italy originated from the introduction of the ancient French breed Noir de Sologne, once much appreciated as a crossbreeding breed in the improvement of local populations.

Morphological characteristics

- male 4-6 kg
- female 2,5-3,5 kg

The animals have rather short tars, but well proportioned and have iridescent black livery on the whole body, tarsi from dark red to violet up to intense black; perfectly white skin.

Pair of black turkeys from Italy (website photo)

Standard FIAV


Origin: Lombardy.

Egg: Minimum weight g. 70
Ivory white thickly dotted with brown.

- Male: 24
- Female: 22


Light turkey, very rustic.


1 - FORM

Trunk: elongated, wide at the shoulders, it narrows towards the rump.

Head: of medium size, completely naked in the male, slightly feathered in the female in the central part of the skull.

Beak: medium long, slightly curved dark in color.

Eyes: large, dark iris.

Caruncles: developed, they are present on the head and on the non-feathered parts of the neck; red in color with a tendency to bluish white in moments of excitement. Above the beak, at the base of the forehead there is an appendage of flesh leaning forward which in moments of excitement extends more in the male than in the female.

Neck: medium length and arched. It also has more developed caruncles at the base. In the sub-throat there is a dewlap of bare skin that extends to the middle of the neck, more developed in the male.

Shoulders: Medium wide.

Back: long, slightly convex and inclined towards the croup.

Wings: long, close-fitting and well-closed courses.

Tail: long, carried closed and inclined to follow the line of the back when the animal is at rest, in the males in the parade it is raised and wheel-shaped.

Chest: broad, muscular, full, well rounded, carried on average high. Adult males have a tuft of stiff black bristles on their chests, often hidden by plumage in young subjects. A tuft in the female and several tufts in the male are synonymous with vitality and should not be penalized.

Legs: legs of medium length; muscular, evident. Medium-long tarsi, four fingers.

Musculature: developed.

Belly: moderately developed.

Serious faults: large size; dropping wings; trunk too narrow or very wide; poor or flat chest; trunk slightly inclined towards the back; short tarsi; legs not evident.

2 - SIZE



Medium large


Hard, close to the body, with wide feathers.


Young male kg. 4 - 5.5

Adult male kg. 4 - 6

Young female Kg. 2,5 - 3

Adult female Kg. 3 - 3,5



Black cloak with black down jacket.

In the plumage of the back and the tail a light bronze edging is tolerated.

Black tarsi, in adults it varies from dark red to purplish.

Serious defects: pens of other color; presence of drawing; light down jacket.

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