Metato course: First stage White fir and Spruce What are the differences

Metato course: First stage White fir and Spruce What are the differences

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White fir Abiesalba Mill.

Spruce Picea abies L.

Bark: whitish-gray, smooth.

Bark: red-brown-greyish, on which it presents some wood-like flakes.

leaves: flat needles, with a combed arrangement on the twigs, on the lower side they have two characteristic light wax strips.

leaves: needles with a quadrangular section and pointed, brush-covered the branches and are mostly oriented forward. The needles are inserted on the branch in raised bearings.

Flowers: the yellowish male flowers are grouped on the lower part of the branches, the green female flowers on the upper part.

Flowers: the flowers open in May. The male ones, yellow, are grouped at the ends of the shoots, the female ones, erect, are pink.

fruits: erect cylindrical pine cones, resinous, 10-20 cm, which flake away amaturity.

fruits: brown pine cones 10-15 cm long and 3-4 cm in diameter, hanging, complete when ripe.

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