Agricultural machinery: Manure spreader

Agricultural machinery: Manure spreader

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Classification - Description

Tools applied to the power take-off

The manure spreader is a towed agricultural tool completely similar to a cart for the transport of material, in this case for the transport and spreading of solid animal manure, therefore of manure. It is typical of livestock farms that produce solid manure derived from animal manure mixed with straw or comunquesia with any type of bedding.
There are different types of tools that all perform the same function anyway; going to analyze the two main manure spreaders, the one with rear spreading and the one with lateral spreading we will notice that the one with rear spreading is usually equipped with two or more rollers that can be placed vertically or horizontally, while the one with lateral spreading is equipped with discs which, moving in a circular direction, carry the solid mass of manure out of the wagon, both however are equipped with a conveyor belt which conveys the manure to the spreading rollers.

Work done

Once the mass of manure is loaded inside the manure spreader, the operator will go to the field to be fertilized, by means of a universal joint connected to the power take-off the whole conveyor belt mechanism is activated, which slowly move the mass towards the rollers that they will distribute on the plot, there are various types of manure spreaders categorized by manure payload or by spreading method (rear or side).

Rear manure spreader with 2 horizontal rollers - Rear manure spreader with 4 vertical rollers

Side discharge manure spreader in operation - Side disc manure spreader with rotating disc

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