Mushrooms: Cortinarius speciosissimus

Mushrooms: Cortinarius speciosissimus

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Class: Basidiomyomycetes
Scientific name: Cortinarius speciosissimus Kühner Romagn.

Morphological characteristics

Hat: 2-8 cm, reddish-brown or fawn-reddish, sometimes on yellowish young specimens at the margin for veil remains; initially conical then smoothed with pointed, finely felted, dry umbo.
Gills: first colors then brown-rusty, distant, wide, annexed.
Stem: 5-11 x 0,6-1 cm, fawn-reddish, slightly lighter than the hat, cylindrical or thickened at the base, often decorated with veil residues in the form of yellowish bands, then stuffed empty; initially yellowish curtain, not very evident.
Meat: ocher-reddish, sweet taste and fungal smell.
spore: ocher-rusty.

Cortinarius speciosissimus(photo Marco Floriani - Alberé Tenna TN

Edibility, habitat and observations

Relationship with the surrounding plant environment: symbiote mushroom.
In coniferous woods, especially under spruce, between moss or blueberry, late summer-autumn.
DEADLY POISONOUS, as the Cortinarius orellanus. Its effects are manifested even after 3-14 days. Very similar to C. orellanus, from which it is distinguished by the stem almost concolor to the hat and for the characteristic umbo. The Cortinari do not have a volva or ring, but a curtain that wraps the young individual, who then disappears, leaving slight traces on the stem.

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